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At UKcentric we understand that the time, effort and complexity of updating your website and keeping it safe, secure and online eats into your profits. That’s why we offer tailor-made website maintenance packages to suit every budget.

  • Security updates taken care of

    Keeping your site hacker-free with latest security patches and security updates.

    We also carry out a monthly backup of your website, so if the worst should happen, we can relaunch your site with minimal downtime.

  • Blog posts and formatting

    Blog writing by expert, experienced writers. Or we’ll take your raw blog-post text and transform it into articles which look amazing and retain readers’ attention.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Updating your site to ensure it can be easily indexed by Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc and appears in its’ rightful place in the search results

  • New pages and page updates

    Keeping your on-page information fresh and up-to-date every month with small or large text updates, new pages and features.

  • 24x7 uptime monitoring

    We monitor your website every second of every day to check for downtime or hacking. We use best-of-class monitoring software to monitor from multiple locations around the world and can provide second-by-second reports of uptime and downtime. We can also liaise with your web hosts to resolve issues as they arise.

  • Tech support - and so much more!

    UK-based tech support is just a phone call away. And we really understand your website.

First month free

We are so sure you’ll love having UKcentric on your team, that we’ll give a full month’s service absolutely free, when you commit to three month’s service!

  • Spotlight Plan A
  • £325
    per month
  • 5 hours of professional website maintenance
  • Monthly webiste backup and security updates
  • 24x7x365 website uptime monitoring
  • Monthly uptime report
  • Monthly phone/Skype strategy and progress call
  • Quarterly written report
  • Ideal for entry-level businesses
  • Spotlight Plan B
  • £625
    per month
  • 10 hours of professional website maintenance
  • Monthly website backup and security updates
  • 24x7x365 website uptime monitoring
  • Monthly uptime report
  • Monthly phone/Skype strategy and progress call
  • Quarterly written report
  • Ideal for small to medium or growing businesses
  • Spotlight Plan C
  • £1200
    per month
  • 20 hours of professional website maintenance
  • Monthly website backup and security updates
  • 24x7x365 website uptime monitoring
  • Monthly uptime report

  • Weekly phone/Skype strategy and progress call
  • Quarterly written report
  • Ideal for established and larger organisations

Or customise any of our plans to find the perfect price and fit for you!

How does a web maintenance plan work?

How do we work together?

You will have a dedicated account manager who fully understands your business and will be available during business hours on the phone, email or Skype.

You’ll form a close working relationship with your account manager. They’ll be like another member of your staff – a crucial part of your business life.

You will email your account manager your instructions for site updates, together with any text you might have written. Your account manager will then action each update and report back.

You can also arrange to have monthly or weekly conference calls or face-to-face meetings.

You are welcome to visit our offices too. We are based in Surbiton, Surrey, South-West London, which is just 20 minutes train journey from central London.

How flexible is the plan?

Very flexible. You can vary the amount you pay each month as your needs change over time.

You can order “specials” for special one-off jobs which are outside your normal monthly budget.

Am I tied into a contract?

No. Unlike other companies, we do not tie you into a long-term contract. You can stop whenever you like.

The exception is if you take advantage of the “first month free” offer – in this case we ask that you commit to a minimum of three months – but after that you are free to leave us. We don’t think you will though!

Can you update any type of website?

Yes. It really doesn’t matter how your website is built – whether it’s WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Umbraco or any other kind of Content Management System. Equally we are expert programmers in CSS, HTML (including HTML5), PHP, Ruby and Python so we can take anything you throw at us!

What’s a "special"?

A special is simply a large or one-off piece of work that’s needs to done quickly and therefore can’t be scheduled into the monthly updates.

For example if you decide to do a large advertising campaign, we could create all the banners and videos as a “special” whilst keeping all the usual monthly updates flowing.

We quote separately (and very competitively!) for specials.

What experience do you have?

UKcentric was founded in 1999 and we’ve worked on hundreds and hundreds of website builds and projects. We’re fully fluent in all modern programming languages and technologies. You can see some of our previous clients on our customer list.

All of our staff are based in the UK (hence our name). We don’t outsource work overseas or use subcontractors.

What systems do you support?

We support all the major website building and Content Management Systems (CMSs). This includes WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco, Magento and many other CMS and e-commerce systems.

We also code in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, C#, and many other languages.

What guarantees do you give?

We offer a full money-back guarantee.

If you are not completely delighted with our work, we’ll refund up to one month’s fees.

For your peace of mind, UKcentric carries comprehensive insurance including professional indemnity insurance and e-risks insurance (including hacking and security breaches).

How do I get the first month free?

Our “first month free” offer applies if you agree to sign up for a minimum of three months, paid monthly in advance.

As soon as we receive your first payment, we’ll start work on your website, and you will only receive one further invoice in the first three months.

It’s three months work for the price of two!

What does "professional webmastering" mean?

It could be anything from creating new blog content by professional web journalists, to installing new features, developing new pages, fixing problems, increasing traffic through SEO, and many other monthly activities.

We carry out your strategy and advise you on a monthly basis how best to use your website to meet your business goals.

Do I have to host my website with UKcentric?


The beauty of our website maintenance plans is that you can host your site wherever you like, and we will still be able to use our professional webmastering skills to maintain and update your site.

Having said that, we’d be delighted to host your website using our rock-solid web hosting offering.

What is "Backup and restore"?

Your website is only as strong as it’s last backup. And it’s last backup is only good if it has been tested and verified as viable through a “restore”. This means we take a monthly, offsite backup of your website and database (if any) then rebuild your site on our own test platform.

UKcentric is the only company we know of that offers this vital service. Every single business, no matter how large or small, needs to ensure they have a full monthly backup and restore to ensure they are avoiding the risk of operating without backups.

What is 24x7x365 website uptime monitoring?

We use state-of-the-art software to send requests to your website from a diverse selection of locations around the globe. By testing your website every 5 – 15 minutes 24×7 web can be alerted almost instantly of any downtime, and swing into action to correct the problem.

No matter what time of day we are always on hand to identify and fix problems with your site – usually before you even know about them!

Ring 020 8399 4920 or fill in the form for a free quote

UKcentric – London’s website management experts

We’re a small team of experienced, reliable, proactive and friendly webmasters based in South West London. We have 17 years of experience in provide website support for all types of sites, including e-commerce, static/informational, blogs, forums and magazine sites.

We work with businesses from 1-250 people, local authorities and charities.

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