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Unlocking your site’s earning potential

Today there are very few web sites which do not incorporate some form of ecommerce. This can range from simple “Buy-now” options, to full-blown shopping carts.

Making your products and services “buyable”

Those who stand to gain the most from e-commerce are often existing businesses – they already have the experience, the track record, the know-how to supply the products and services in an expert way. But sometimes that doesn’t translate naturally into the web environment.

UKcentric have the experience needed to bring your business online. No matter how entrenched your existing IT systems might be, we can find a way to get you trading online quickly and efficiently. We can even provide staff training sessions to ensure that the upgrade of your systems goes smoothly.

Online payment processing

All online businesses need at least one or two (and preferably a range) of options for customers to make payments. Step forward, online payment providers. They take the expense and hassle away from you, and deliver highly secure online payment solutions which can be integrated seamlessly into your web site. They will also take care of managing fraud so you only get orders from genuine customers and not from scammers.

And the beauty of the arrangement is that in most cases you do not need a merchant account with a credit card company. Instead the online payment processor will provide the merchant facilities as part of your account with them, for a small percentage fee from each transaction.

Online payment processing providers

We are experienced in integrating the following providers:

  • SagePay (formerly Protx)
  • SecPay
  • NetBanx
  • PayPal
  • WorldPay (formerly RBS WorldPay)

Subscription and recurring billing/rebilling systems

One headache customers often face (before turning to UKcentric) is the issue of how to rebill their customers. For example membership sites such as online dating or forum sites, or magazine subscriptions need to keep taking payments each month. Fortunately we fully understand all the many different types of recurring billing scenarios. Here are some of the different ways businesses need to be able to take payments, and ways with UKcentric can help you.

  • One-off single payments
  • Subscriptions with static amounts, that start immediately
  • Subscriptions with static amounts that don’t start until a set time in the future
  • Subscriptions with varying amounts
  • Subscriptions that start with a one-off payment of one amount, but continue with a static amount thereafter
  • Subscriptions where the amount may vary each time
  • Subscriptions where the date of payment may vary and must be controlled by the business
  • Any combination of the above!

Affiliate networks

We’re experienced in setting up affiliate and off-site marketing programmes including:

  • Affliliate Window
  • TradeDoubler
  • Commission Junction
  • Google Shopping
  • Amazon Merchant Center
  • and many others

Google AdWords Management

Now that your site is fully e-commerce ready, it’s time to grow your business with AdWords. Our Google AdWords Management team are fully trained and certified professionals who know how to help you make money through AdWords.