Accessibility in web design is about enabling access to your websites and apps to the widest range of people, no matter what their physical and mental capabilities are.

The Challenges of Accessible Website Design

What is website accessibility?
Website accessibility is the process of designing websites which have no barriers to access for people with disabilities. Consideration must be given to blindness and low vision, motor disabilities and the widest range of cognitive abilities.
For most customers, the primary concern in web design is reaching the largest-possible audience. Sadly, accessibility is often the last thing on the customer’s mind, and we have to gently steer the customer towards accessibility considerations.

Recently we had a web design project that turned this on its head. Chris McCausland is a stand-up comedian who is also blind. Our commission was to build a site which would be attractive and professional-looking to his sighted fans, as well as his fanbase of blind people.

We had to design accessibility-first, and this threw up some fascinating challenges. Read more